5 Steps to Finding (and working with) the Best Chicago Realtors

Nevermind finding your dream home, securing one of the best Chicago Realtors should be your first priority.  Choosing a Realtor is not a decision you should take likely. This person will be entrusted with confidential information about you and your family, and ultimately is your valued advisor on what is most likely the largest purchase you are going to make. Here are five easy steps to help you find the best Chicago Realtors:

1.) Talk to friends and family who might know of someone they really enjoyed working with. The best Chicago Realtors’ number one source of business is referral based, and for good reason.   Utilize your own networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach out to those you know who have had a great experience with a Chicago Realtor.

2.) Do a keyword search online (for example– searching for ‘Riverside IL realtor‘). A few simple keystrokes can get you a list of agencies and Realtors specializing in your desired area, and that’s a great starting point.  Keep in mind that a real estate agent or company can buy their way to the top of the search – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best. Likewise, they might sell the most property, but that could mean a more labored working relationship with them through their team of drones.

3.) Read Reviews. Trulia and Zillow both allow for user generated reviews of real estate professionals. In addition, mainstream review site Yelp! has reviews for realtors and real estate companies. At SCOUT, we pride ourselves on high ratings on all sites, including multiple 5 star reviews.

4.) Meet with multiple Realtors. A good referral is great to get, but have a comparison point. Find out their differentiating factors. You will end up spending a lot of time with your Realtor, so you should feel comfortable around them. Let’s face it – sometimes, mom and dad’s friends aren’t quite your speed! Wondering what to ask them when you meet with them?  Start with these 12 questions.

5.) Make sure they specialize. The best Chicago Realtors don’t work everywhere. Do they have in-depth market expertise of every single area? We think not. If you know the area you’re searching in and are simply looking for a transaction manager, then maybe it can work. But we think you deserve much more!  So select a realtor that specializes in the area you want to be.  Their experience will be invaluable.

There it is. By remembering these steps, you should have no problem finding (and working with) the Best Chicago Realtors. Good luck!

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