Nick Fournier, Managing Broker

Nick Fournier Realtor BrokerScout Real Estate Partners was founded by Nick Fournier in 2013. Nick has been actively involved in real estate in the Chicago area since 2003. He has worked for small and large firms in the development and operations of properties including single family homes, multi-family buildings, condos, mixed-use development, and light commercial use.

His experience has allowed him to gain expert knowledge on the real estate market. Real estate is his passion, and setting up his own firm has allowed him to go to work for clients rather than other business owners. His approach is very simple – great service, open communications, honesty, and keeping the clients’ best interests in mind – always.

One of his greatest motivators for focusing on brokerage is countless stories of friends, family, and others sharing their dissatisfaction with real estate professionals. Nick says:

“Honestly, I’ve heard more people complain about their brokers than praise them – that’s a problem. As a broker, I don’t see my job as just finding a property. Clients are spending a lot of money. They need to be fully educated on the process, have all their questions answered, guided with expertise, and then have an entire transaction managed. Our services are comprehensive and turnkey. We remain engaged and responsible for the entire process.”

Nick looks forward to the continued growth of his own business, but emphasizes not letting it get too big. “When you’re too big, you can easily lose touch with clients and transactions. As I grow, I’ll be surrounding myself with like-minded professionals who hold the same values as I do. My office won’t be a boiler room – it will be the place you come to get the best service from the best people in the business.”

Nick and his family moved to Riverside in 2012, and setup his office there in 2013. As he works on migrating his business to the western suburbs, he continues to serve many clients in Chicago where he used to reside and has developed property for investors. While not working, he spends time with his family,  home improvement projects, and most recently has engaged with the Riverside Economic Development Commission to help direct and steer economic growth in the village.

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