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Home Sale Guide

Part of Scoutʼs mantra is that the best clients are the most informed clients! Here’s our step by step guide to selling your home! But fear not, weʼre here to guide you every step of the way!

Step 1:  Preparation

Professional Consultation:  Meet with a real estate pro who can share insight and expertise about how to list your home for sale and how much you might get for your property. This is typically a series of meetings. Your real estate agent will help you understand the costs associated with selling. (See our net sheet.) We’ll come right out and say it – choose us! We’re dedicated to our clients.

Prepare For Market:  This is where we make magic happen – decluttering, staging, decorating, and repairs.

Execute Professional Media:  If your realtor has a camera with them, strongly reconsider. We use professionally taken and edited photos and, at times, might add virtual tours, drone footage, or 3D models.

Step 2:  Market & Sell

Activate Showings:  Your home is now for sale! This means it’s listed on the Multiple Listing Service and appears on hundreds of websites including Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and many more! Showings will commence while your property is being marketed.

Offer!  Within a certain amount of time, we expect to receive offers. The offers will be sent to us as full contracts that weʼll negotiate prior to signing. If offers arenʼt coming, then weʼll discuss what possible issues there could be and how to address!

Sign a Contract:  This is it! Youʼre now officially under contract to sell your home. Earnest money will be received shortly after. But it’s not over yet …

Complete Review and Inspection:  Most contracts will be subject to some type of home inspection and attorney review. Buyers often make requests for repairs or credits after inspecting the home, and sellers agree to what’s reasonable.

Step 3:  Finish the Deal

Buyer Mortgage Approval:  Most home sales are done with some type of financing. The buyer has a certain amount of time outlined in the contract to secure financing – usually 30-60 days.

Schedule Closing:  Once the financing is cleared, then the closing can be scheduled. The title company will handle all funds received and paid by both parties. Youʼll also have the option to not attend the actual closing.

Move Out:  Unless previously negotiated, youʼll be expected to be out of your home prior to closing. Youʼre required to leave the home “broom clean”. Just imagine how youʼd want it as someone moving in.

Closing!  The closing occurs! As a seller, you can usually pre-sign your closing docs rather than attending the actual closing.

That’s It!  We proactively guide our clients along the way, but you have to have Scout as your assigned real estate agency to get these perks.  Want to list your property with Scout?  Start here.