Selling Your Home In 2018? Plan Ahead!

Fall is just now upon us. And as we all know, this season flies by! Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and in a blink – it’s 2018! Point being is that if you’re thinking of selling your home and making a move in 2018, now’s a great time to do some planning and legwork. Here are some things to consider:

EXTERIOR PHOTOS: Yards and landscaping look great now. A large patio with a firepit, fully furnished, is a much better selling feature than an empty patio with your furniture under a tarp. If you think you might list your home for sale in the first half of 2018, let’s get some high-def exterior shots done now! Yards often don’t turn green until well into May.


DECLUTTERING / STORAGE: Many of us fill half the garage with patio sets, bikes, and other outdoor items during the winter. Consider putting those in a storage unit so buyers don’t get the wrong idea. Same goes for clothing or other interior items you can live without until next summer. Plus, it’s way better storing boxes when it’s 60 degrees rather than 20!

EXTERIOR MAINTENANCE: Hard to get your home painted below 40 degrees out, and once snow falls and sticks, very little can be done to the exterior. Take a good look at painting, window and door caulking, decks, concrete, asphalt, and any other exterior surface that needs attention. Try to get it done before winter really sets in.

FINANCING: This is a great time to speak with a lender to make sure you are adequately prepared for a new mortgage. It’s very easy to change a credit score and many other financial constraints over a 3-6 month period. Preparing for lending now leaves you wide open to enter the Spring market!

FIND OUT WHAT YOUR HOME IS WORTH: At any time, we provide our clients with a CMA (comparative market analysis) for absolutely no charge, and no obligation. What you can sell your home for will likely drive all other aspects of your move.

Now, know that we don’t have a crystal ball. The market is always moving. But the best way you can prepare is by being PROACTIVE and ready to list your home! Let us know how we can help.

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